General Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Engines, Facilities Management
Since 1984


In order to highlight and always ensure reliability, our top managers decided to implement, certify and maintain a Quality, Environment and Safety System in accordance with the standards of UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.  


The will to preserve the ecological balance of our ecosystem – where we operate and for which we want to play an active role of safeguard – was, since the very beginning, the core value of our business, which gave birth to a constant improvement of our services and control of their impact on our environment – thanks to an extremely conscientious and process-oriented management.
The pursuit of our goal is based on a dedicated commitment and a constant improvement of all our procedures and business activities.



- quality improvement for all the different services offered and provided to our clients, through a constant innovation of applicable technologies;
- improvement of all the best practices regarding the environmental impact, in the respect of the law and with focus on the conservation and a sustainable use of the energy;



Attentive selection of all the products and materials in order to guarantee safety, reliability and environmental sustainability;
Improvement of professionalism and sensitiveness towards our environment;
- Constant monitoring of our employees in order to guard their safety and health;



- Compliance: accordance with the current law and implementation of any potential new regulation which is applicable to our business;

- Streamlined communication across borders and structures: our targets and our achieved goals at your fingertips.

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The choice we made adopting this complex but efficient system, representing a formal and legal commitment of our company towards our clients. ELLEMME S.p.A. was leaded by a strong core value: the will of creating and following a specific path that is able to meet our client’s expectations and demands in the respect of the environment .

This path has been created jointly with our qualified and satisfied suppliers with whom we strengthen our partnership in order to ensure the best company structure ever.



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