General Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Engines, Facilities Management
Since 1984

Ellemme Spa

Since1984, ELLEMME S.p.A. (joint-stock company) works for the national and international market on several domains such as building redevelopment, construction services, facility management and Integrated Systems & Energy Solutions. Our company provides services to the industrial and advanced tertiary sector, to military and healthcare structures, to private and/or public infrastructures.


ELLEMME S.p.A deploys very advanced production methodologies and techniques in order to respond to all different kind of demands and needs from both the national and the international market.

Quality, Environment and Safety are the keywords of our mission. Ethic is our core value. Every construction site is managed by our very qualified personnel along with the support of several partners who are specialized in different fields: this synergy is the cornerstone that allow us to guarantee the perfect completion of all our engineering works in a perfect timeframe.

Flexibility, professionalism and long-standing experience allow us to be the first and most reliable point of contact for our clients within these very fields:
- Design and development of buildings and infrastructures;
- Integrated solutions for buildings maintenance and management with a solid MTFB;
-  Building redevelopment with a “keys in hand” formula;
- Integrated Systems & Energy Solutions

We strongly believe in a ‘communication and sharing’ approach - which means clarity and sincerity with all our stakeholders – starting from a pre-analysis stage, going through the decision-making process until the proper deployment of all our resources to perform the actual work on site. This is needed in order to guarantee a time-proof plan of all the activities.
We deploy all the resources at our disposal, the creativity of our designers and engineers and our qualified staff knowledge in order to meet our client’s expectations.




ELLEMME strongly believes that the secret ingredients for a successful business are:
- to invest in the development of all the characteristics and qualities of a building/infrastructure enhancing all “best and good practices”;
 - to enhance the development of a specific area (ELLEMME is on the frontline for the promotion of specialization courses for students and graduates)
- to promote every other single development initiative (ELLEMME plays an active role within the Trade Unions, the professional association of Engineers and many other non-profit organizations).



We are constantly monitoring and improving the impact of our services on the environment thanks to a very attentive ad-hoc management. We perform energy analysis on the building design through all stages, from the earliest conceptual phase through detailed design taking into account the actual energy consumption. ELLEMME provides installations and designs for several types of buildings, from simple to complex buildings such as theatres or public buildings. For more industrial designs, where it is crucial to plan all phases in the respect of the production cycle, ELLEMME provides energy-proof solutions that guarantee as much energy savings as possible, with high financial benefits, from the very first stage.




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