General Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Engines, Facilities Management
Since 1984

General Contractor - Ellemme

We plan, set up and put in practice our maintenance works relying on our qualified staff of experts and technicians. This allows us to refine our building redevelopment engineering works meeting our clients’ expectations as regards quality, efficiency and in the respect of any time-frame and constraint.


An innovative idea which becomes real: this is our mission, our core value.

We are a dedicated team who pursue its goal thanks to its professionalism, creativity and expertise, planning and setting up every single work in the accordance with Quality Control Plans (QCP).
Thanks to the high volume of engineering works performed, we are able to integrate architectural structures with high-tech plants and designs, guaranteeing accordance with the law and legislation from the first stage of the process until the very end – final papers and documents included.



Time is money and time represents the actual cost in a building redevelopment process.
Our planning and decision-making process aim to meet the deadlines improving time efficiency and reducing costs, avoiding any delay.



A team of very qualified experts are the key to our success: planning all the activities, problem-solving approach, final product quality control.



Over 30 years of experience: best practices and top quality expertise. This is why our certified company is able to offer its services across several domains, from building & constructions to plant design & engineering works.

Each single component of our engineering work has a very detailed planning strategy behind: maintenance and management control are the keywords for ensuring a streamlined and constant level of quality throughout all levels – plant design efficiency and safety, customers’ satisfaction, energy solutions. The environmental sustainability is also a plus, allowing all residents of the neighbouring area to perform their usual activities and continue with their lives without any bother or disruption caused by the construction site.





Client: SAT SPA

Brief: engineering works with a ‘keys in hand’ formula, comprehensive of building & re...


Client: Equitalia Polis SpA

Brief: special maintenance works and ‘keys in hand’ formula for the eng...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - Westin Palace - Milan

Client: Hosthotels

Subject: " maintenance consisting of refurbishment rooms - Westin Palace Milan " I and lot II ...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - B&B Hotel Cavour

Client: B&B Hotel

Subject: Restoration of the aesthetic and functional façade and air conditioning systems...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - Hotel Sheraton - Rome

Client: Aerhotel

Subject: Implementation of the refurbishment ( fit out ) rooms , Executive Club lounge - Hotel Sheraton Ro...


Client: Ministry of Defence

Brief: self-service area and industrial kitchen for 3.000 meals/day – Construct...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - International Airport - Naples - BUILDING ATITECH

Client: Gesac S.p.a.

Subject: BUILDING ATITECH " extraordinary maintenance of the building for new offices Atitech GES...


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