General Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Engines, Facilities Management
Since 1984


Hotels are a 24h nonstop business. 


Customers & guests’ expectations need to be satisfied on a daily basis: the hotel becomes their ‘home’, therefore the ability to offer several kind of leisure and entertainment activities in a comfort environment is a must.

A warm welcoming is a golden rule in a hotel, however all those services offered as leisure activities to all guests can be successful only if top-quality and long-lasting systems and installations are guaranteed. Moreover, all systems need energy in order to work properly, thus a dedicated budget is needed for this ‘Hotel ecosystem’.

Ellemme SpA has over 30 years of experience in the building & construction domain, with special attention to systems installation and it is specialized in the hotel and tertiary sector thanks to its know how, its top quality management, its qualified personnel, and its project planning & design, which allows Ellemme to be the perfect business partner also for hotels redevelopment and renewals.


Our specialized and qualified staff offers and guarantees a fast and top-quality service for: plant design and installation, constructions, building redevelopment & renewal.


Our multi-year experience in hotel and building redevelopment & renewal makes us able to work with a 3 shifts schedule which allows us to provide a 24 h service but scheduling all those engineering works involving a lower level of noise for the night, when all guests are resting. This way, we are able to provide very fast solutions also for very complex designs and plans, without causing any kind of disruption or delay.


We believe that a strong collaboration between designers and engineers/workers is necessary since the very first stages of the production process. This synergy is much needed in order to improve processes and deploy integrated systems during the engineering works phase. Moreover, it leads to avoid many physical obstacles and constraints such as holes, cavaedia or other, but most of all to grant accessibility to constructions, installations, and systems in order to smooth the path for future maintenance works or repairs.

Our experience over the years allowed us to develop a critical approach, preliminary testing the reliability of each single component and analyzing all different building typologies in order to adopt a tailor-made approach for each single case and guarantee costs effectiveness and a time efficient methodology.


The total budget needed for the completion of a new building or the renewal of a hotel is resulting from the actual cost of the engineering work plus the energy/water consumptions, all repairs and most of all the temporary closure of some wings or areas of the building itself.


Our commitment is to perform a new building construction or a renewal work following our clients’ needs and criteria, therefore performing our engineering works following specific standards.



Client: Inout Design

Brief: we provided all systems & installations required for a new business opening.



Client: Hotel Piazza Bellini  

Brief: Planning, design and installation of technological system...


Client: Gruppo Accore

Brief: Building redevelopment and transformation of a business complex converted into a h...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - Westin Palace - Milan

Client: Hosthotels

Subject: " maintenance consisting of refurbishment rooms - Westin Palace Milan " I and lot II ...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - B&B Hotel Cavour

Client: B&B Hotel

Subject: Restoration of the aesthetic and functional façade and air conditioning systems...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - Mostra d’Oltremare S.P.A. - Palazzo Esedra

Client: Mostra d’Oltremare SpA

Subject: " Recovery and conversion Palazzo Esedra (Overseas Exhibition) to be use...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - Hotel Sheraton - Rome

Client: Aerhotel

Subject: Implementation of the refurbishment ( fit out ) rooms , Executive Club lounge - Hotel Sheraton Ro...



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