General Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Engines, Facilities Management
Since 1984


Ellemme S.P.A. plans, designs and provides fast solutions to all those kind of construction and maintenance services taking into account the variables of cost effectiveness and quality.



ELLEMME guarantees reliability, maintainability and modularity.


Well-planned and tailor-made methodology to protect our clients’ assets.


Fast solutions for long-lasting results.

As far as the energy consumption is concerned, ELLEMME provides very smart and cost effective solutions to small business owners such as those requiring services aiming at improving the management and maintenance of systems and installations, but also to small-medium enterprises such as those requiring redevelopment and renewal engineering works using new technologies, and last but not least, to big business owners asking for more expensive plans/solutions.


Whirpool industry

Client: a.s. Poprad Slovakia

Brief: engineering works with a ‘keys in hand’ formula for 2 warehouses (4000 squa...


Client: CHARMS-SANAGOLA candy manufacturing industry (a property of Magic Candy S.p.A.)

Brief: Repair and maintenance works...

- 3M Italia S.p.A. : air conditioning system CPP-Lab;

- L.A.E. Laminados Aluminio Especiales s.a. Rubi', Spain : refrigeration system (aluminium) for hot rolled steel;

- DINAFARM Srl, Rome : air-conditioning, electrical and lighting systems provided to all the offices;

- Argia S.p.A. – Caserta branch : air-conditioning, electrical and steam systems;

- The new Ambrosiana s.r.l. in S.Gennarello (NA) : air-conditioning systems provided to all the offices and working spaces.

- Villa Massa : replacement of the medium voltage panel, the low tension panel and the generator inside Villa Massa – Sorrento.



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