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Instrumental diagnostics for buildings

Preliminary to design, Ellemme SpA conducts a thorough diagnostic inspection to know in detail the scope of the intervention.


The brand new Ellemme SpA Business Unit dedicated to Instrumental Diagnostics.
Instrumental Diagnostics with cutting-edge technologies to provide enormous value to Clients thanks to the latest generation of tools allowing instrumental surveys with high added value for structural monitoring, environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, noise), architectural surveys, thermographic monitoring up to the execution, processing and return of instrumental tests by graduated and certified technicians.







The following are some of the instruments used to survey environmental and non-environmental parameters.


Thermographic analysis, standardized by UNI-EN-16714 - 1:2016 is a non-invasive diagnostic technique. The thermal cameras supplied to Ellemme SpA allow optimal screening accuracy with automatic compensation for the variation of environmental parameters (drift compensation), confirmation of the screening outcome (passed/ failed) by means of visual graphic indicators and audible alarms. Videoscopes with thin probes allow viewing in confined spaces and offer sharp video and images, are used for building inspection, electrical/mechanical inspections, facility management and maintenance, gas detection, HVAC systems - heating, ventilation and air conditioning - environmental air conditioning, humidity and restoration, condition monitoring.

Capture crisp video and images of every detail from a safe distance. Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, an extremely versatile drone with high-resolution thermal and visual cameras, M2EA supports up to 32x digital zoom and is capable of centimeter-level positioning accuracy thanks to the RTK module.

Accurate measurement, analysis and reporting of noise - comprehensive measurement with class 1 measurement accuracy.
- Monitoring of sound pressure levels, e.g., to ensure that fire alarm systems comply with regulations.
- Broadband measurements requiring instrumentation complying with IEC 61672, ANSI / ASA S1.4 or DIN 45657.
- Simple product testing to ensure compliance with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42 / CE or similar standards for LAeq and LCpeak listing to minimize the risk of hearing loss.
- Assessment of workplace noise to ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard employee safety, including determining the need for and level of hearing protection.
- Monitoring of exhaust noise levels for regulatory compliance.
- Assessment of environmental noise to ensure compliance with standards.
- Measurement and reporting of sound power levels in accordance with ISO 3744 and ISO 3746 standards to demonstrate product compliance with noise specifications per legislation or recommendation.
- Assessment of noise emissions from machinery and equipment to ensure compliance with standards or benchmarking for comparisons.



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