General Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Engines, Facilities Management
Since 1984


Ellemme S.P.A. provides fast and reliable solutions and top-quality systems avoiding any disruption to the shopping centre business routine.



Know how, best practices, 30 years of experience:
this is our ace in the hole.


Testing and monitoring the reliability of each single component and analyzing all different building
typologies in order to adopt a tailor-made approach for each single case and guarantee costs
effectiveness and time efficiency.


The high level commercial and financial reliability made Ellemme the best partner ever for the best
building constructors and for all those private companies looking for a financial trust or financial

ELLEMME plans, designs and provides all those kind of constructions, maintenance works or repair services that offer a preliminary analysis on the construction or renewal process feasibility, taking into account the energy sustainability and also the cost effectiveness.



Ellemme - WORK SHEET - Centro Commerciale Roma Est

Client: Gemma

Subject: Reconstruction of heating-cooling center for a potential of 12 MWf

Place execution works:...

Ellemme - WORK SHEET - Centro Commerciale Campania

Client: Mall Campania

Subject: “ Making  electrical systems and special hypermarket , shopping gallery and...


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